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A curricular design to implement project-based learning in high school English.


Driving Question


Bullying is prevalent across Southeast Asian schools. Although many schools' administrators have taken steps to prevent bullying, the problem is becoming more pressing by the minute. Why don't we allow the students to speak up from their perspectives about what can be done to stop the bullying? After weeks of discussions, deliberations, research, and analysis, students will provide a written proposal as well as a presentation on the issue. The underlying objective of the project is to learn how to learn and how to voice their opinions.



For a detailed rubric, please visit the RUBRICS page

  • Personalized Learning

  • Exploring the Unknown

  • Embracing Equalities

  • "Glocal" Advocacy


Personalized Learning

Students have the freedom to explore their own solutions to the problem. They also have the freedom to devise their project methods, whether they will include interviewing people related to the issues, researching scientific findings, discussing in groups, and more.

Exploring the Unknown

Students are expected to embrace challenges when conducting this project.  Students, on top of planning and preparing for the known obstacles, will learn to tackle the unknowns and resolve any immediate problems as they arise.

Embracing Equalities

Through this project, students will not only learn that discrepancy exists in a school setting, but will also learn to advocate for and foster a more equal, accessible environment where everyone feels safe and welcomed.

"Glocal" Advocacy

Students will learn to advocate against discrimination both at the local level and the global level. Through this project, students will learn to identify the problem and possible solutions. This project will prepare students for becoming a global citizen.

Key Timeline

For a detailed unit plan, please visit the UNIT PLAN page.


Students will brainstorm their ideas as a group and will be asked to submit their brainstorm in the forms of mindmaps, lean canvases, starbursting maps, etc. This section is credited based on completion.

Bully Map

Students will be asked to identify a few roots that give rise to bullying and create a map to visualize their ideas. Students may also create a map of where bullying occurs most often. Graded on completion.

First Draft

Students are asked to provide a draft of 3-5 pages with reference. This draft will be the base for them to build their proposals upon. Students will conduct a peer-review during a class period.


Students will bring in their revised drafts and meet with their instructors to go over the drafts. Students will be asked to conduct a SWOT analysis of the drafts with the guidance from the instructor.

Final Proposal

Students are asked to provide a final proposal of 6-8 pages. They will then present the proposal to the class. The grading rubrics can be found on the RUBRICS page.


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